Friday, April 3, 2015

Who is Sterling

I think I will be rembered as the film maker that spent more money than he ever made. Money is a nesisary eivle. Maybe I will be remembered as a great film maker. Nope not going to happen. I have great film ideas but it takes huge amount of money to make them. 

Way back in grade three 1977 I was so happy to have a new teacher. She was just an average teacher but she restored my love of creation. There is many things I could talk about from this year of school in a portable but most notably was this crazy idea that I had to remake the Titanic movie. 

I saw this really bad film about the Titanic sinking on tv and my mom told me about my grand mother who was going to buy a ticket but desided to take the Queen Marry instead. Both are the seeds of my drive to make my own Titanic movie. 

I wanted to know how it sank. I wanted to know how it felt to be on the ship. I wanted to know the people that were on the ship. I really want to build a full scale set as big as the original ship. I was obsessed with this idea and started writing my first film script.

I was starting to get on my older brother nerves because I was always talking about it. I had a toy boat yellow and with that I purchased at a store in downtown Waterloo. I use to put rocks in it so I could see how it sank. 

I remember talking about my film idea with my brother in my ants back yard. I had my toy boat and was playing in the small creak that ran a cross the back of the property. She also had a small bridge made of wood to cross it so she could go for a walk in the empty field behind the houses

I remember a guy walking his dog and he was very intrested in my idea of making a film on the Titanic. I was always told not to speak to strangers but he seamed nice and keep his distance. He came out of the field behind my ants house, crossed into my ants neibers yard. I thought he must live there. 

Anyways I told him all about my idea to build a full scale set and how I wanted to know how it sank and so on he was very intrested then left the way he came. 

Fast ward many years and I was very happy to hear someone made my film. I couldn't wait to go see it. They had saved me years and years of stress and two hundred million dollars. I film was everything I had dreamed it would be. So so happy someone had made it. My brother was very suprized that my idea had become a huge film. 

Much to my surprise as one day when we drove down to visit my ant that there was a brand new sign Chipawa Home of James Cameron   Oh my. I was talking to James Cameron in 1977 and gave inspired him to make the film. Wow that's amazing. 

You see that's who Sterling is. The guy that inspires people and asks nothing in return. That's what I do and that's why I do it. There is so much negative stuff going on in the world that someone has to step up and inspire great ideas and that's me. It's my core 

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