Friday, January 30, 2015

Editing Software

I'm really do not like what they did to Final Cut Pro. It's now iMovie based when it use to be Avid based. I have no control over saving files were I want them and can refind them. It puts all projects in one project. Can you imaging 10 separate feature film projects with 40 hours of footage all jumbled in one project?

It's not going to work at all for me. 

I looked into Preiemere Pro. It only offers a monthly rental of the program and I suspect that you can't canciel it it you run out of money to pay them. 

My free copy of Sony Vegas hasn't arrived yet. I'm guessing they have a 3 month turn around on free offers. I would need to buy a $2000 Windows 7 computer to run it

So Avid editing software looks the most attractive to me right now. It's $1299 Himmmm 

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