Thursday, July 19, 2012

Canoe carrying trailer build

So my plan was to take pics as I go but my hands get really dirty when working with old steel. I'm really not interested in getting my still camera covered in dirt. Any ways here are a few pictures from yesterday.

I needed to make a new hitch bar for the trailer. the old one in the picture is too short for carrying canoes. The canoes would hit the tow vehicle.

 I removed it. 

I purchased some new steel and blots to make the new one. Drilling the holes in 3/16 steel is not an easy task with a corded hand drill. But I managed. I then bolted it in place.

I then cut the ends of my wooden canoe rack I built way back in May and painted it a seven's rusty brown color that I remember everyone painting their fences with. In the film the Scout Leader in 1982 would still have 50's to 70's influences.

I will be repainting all the dark blue today and the black on the top. Also need to wire wheel all the new steel and then paint it black. Then it's ready for it's road test. More pics to come :)

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