Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lets Talk Vintage Watches for IWG

So back in the day 1982 kids were still going crazy for Casio Digital watches. I need to find about 24 more that fit kids age 10 to 16. They don't need to work so they can be found for cheap, if not free from old junk draws in your house or maybe at your Grandparents. Also flee markets, garage sales, second hand shops, where ever. If you find one please feel free to mail it to me.

 I purchased the one above on ebay for $20 and free shipping. I needed one good one so I could record the sounds for the film sound track. It was the best deal I could find. ebay buy it now link

One that I would really like to get is one that is also a calculator. Like the one in the picture on the right. Again it doesn't need to work because I looked them up and they run from $39.95 and up.

We can't use the black plastic one because they weren't popular until about 1985 I think it was. Silver or gold are best.

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