Wednesday, April 18, 2012

IWG Life Jackets Info.

I was talking with some of the parents of the actor s a while back about life jackets for their kids for the film. I did some research and Canadian has a good deal on Keep a Float Blue and Yellow 3 belts for $18.99. 3 belts is a bit too new looking for 1982 but the colors will work.   079-1900-6    CT Web page

I have a pic here of a Yellow Keep a Float that I got at Canadian Tier for  $17.99 I like it because it has the zipper in the front. It also looks more 1982.

I have a picture here of a Buoy O Boy 1985 life jacket to compare the look. One thing we could do is paint the 3rd belt on the new ones the same color as the jacket so it doesn't stand out so much on camera.

I also have a pic of a Orange and yellow one form Zellers for $29.95.

There is also a Key Hole type life jacket that is really 1980's looking.. This style never seams to age. It's $19.99 at Canadian Tire and I found them on ebay for as low as $8.99.

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