Saturday, April 21, 2012

I've got something to blog about!

Hey there, I got a good deal on five back packs for the film. I drove allover Southerner Ontario to find them. I checked all the second hand shops I could find and nothing for about 4 months. Then two days ago I walked into one shop and I had the feeling that they had two or more. I found one on the show room floor and couldn't find the other. I asked the clerk at the counter and she said to come back another day because one may show up.

I felt like she was holding out on me so I took a look around outside where people drop stuff off and there it was. A really nice orange one. I took a closer look and there was four just sitting. I asked how much they wanted for them and they wouldn't say.

"They need to be priced first" and that I "would have to come back on Saturday."

Well I just about fell over. I don't want to come back on Saturday, they may be sold by then. I went back at 6pm and the new shift workers were in and they sold them to me on the spot.

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