Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Get your picture in the film!

There is going to be a missing persons board in the film and I'm going to post pictures of people that have gone missing in the woods were the scouts are going to be camping.
 Just send us your picture, head and shoulders, and we will make it into a missing person poster t post in the scene. You should dress in 1982 or older clothing for your picture.
 Also you could send your old class photo from 1982 if you want.
I was going to use this idea as a fund raiser, you know make a donation of $5 and we will put you in the film but I think I will do it for free because its more fun.  

I got the idea from Shannon’s banner idea. I will post it when I find it. I know I downloaded a copy and it was on facebook but for now it's lost. Found it :)  I have posted a copy of CathyDirector's poster. 

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