Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Plywood Canoe Update

 So I added a ridge beam down the bottom of the Canoe so it doesn't drift as much on the open water and it will also help keep the Canoe going in a straight line when paddling.
Then I cut out strips of Fiberglass like I did for the inside and now I'm doing the outside edges. This is what holds the canoe together.
Then I put the fiberglass resin on. So far I have used 3 liters and I need to buy one more to finish the canoe. total cost of the fiber glass will be $150. To make the other five Canoes I need for the film I will buy a 5 gallon can of resin because it only costs $252.95. Then the fiber glass mat will be another $200. The cost sure adds up in a hurry.

I also have a few more Canoes lined up that I can barrow for the film. I just need to round up the fuel to go get them and take them back.

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