Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Cast Grows Larger.

Yesterday I spent the day in Toronto auditioning  actors to be in the film. We now have 12 cast members that can't wait until August 13 2012 to start filming.  I will be in Toronto March 30th to audition some more actors.

I will be taping some You Can't Do that On YouTube skits this week with Piper and Cressy. Harold Homeier of the USA has donated another $75 in sponsorship money to the show so we are well on the way to taping two YCDTOYT episodes the first weekend of April.

Hopefully we can light a fire under the fund raising for the Indian Warrior Ghost production. The budget looks like we will need around $5,000 to make the film.  Please have a look at our cast so far. I just updated the webpage.

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  1. Looks like the Speciale clan is making this a family affair! haha Who knows they could be the next family-acting dynasty like Culkin (Maculay, Rory, Kieran) or Lawernce (Joey, Matthew, Andy) or Baldwin.