Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quick Update

So I have been very ill for the past few weeks. I think I'm finally getting better. I will be working on the Canoe later today. We have added a few new cast members to the website. I have been looking into using a camp ground for our filming location and the cost is huge. $2,500 for all the actors and parents for the 10 days needed,. I'm hoping everyone can cover their own food requirements and I can focus on the film.

I did find a location we could use for free but its only accessible by canoe and we need. We may be able to park the camping trailers and cars down stream on a dead end street but I think I would need to get a permit to do so.

Oh well I will keep updating the blog here. Bye for now

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Cast Grows Larger.

Yesterday I spent the day in Toronto auditioning  actors to be in the film. We now have 12 cast members that can't wait until August 13 2012 to start filming.  I will be in Toronto March 30th to audition some more actors.

I will be taping some You Can't Do that On YouTube skits this week with Piper and Cressy. Harold Homeier of the USA has donated another $75 in sponsorship money to the show so we are well on the way to taping two YCDTOYT episodes the first weekend of April.

Hopefully we can light a fire under the fund raising for the Indian Warrior Ghost production. The budget looks like we will need around $5,000 to make the film.  Please have a look at our cast so far. I just updated the webpage. http://www.sterlingproductions.ca/iwgcast.html

Thursday, March 8, 2012

CathyDirector made a Promo film trailer for IWG

This is a cool film trailer that Cathy Director edited from from film I sent here. I directed it. There is a few small changes to be made. They are clips from the QHR Report Un-dead Warrior episode we made a few years ago and clips from The Great Scout Adventure. So this is a possible production design fro the film but not the final one.

I hope this generates some interest in helping us get the film made. We need to collect as many donations as we can as fast as we can. please visit the website for more info on donating and the perk we offer. http://www.sterlingproductions.ca/iwgfund.html

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Plywood Canoe Update

 So I added a ridge beam down the bottom of the Canoe so it doesn't drift as much on the open water and it will also help keep the Canoe going in a straight line when paddling.
Then I cut out strips of Fiberglass like I did for the inside and now I'm doing the outside edges. This is what holds the canoe together.
Then I put the fiberglass resin on. So far I have used 3 liters and I need to buy one more to finish the canoe. total cost of the fiber glass will be $150. To make the other five Canoes I need for the film I will buy a 5 gallon can of resin because it only costs $252.95. Then the fiber glass mat will be another $200. The cost sure adds up in a hurry.

I also have a few more Canoes lined up that I can barrow for the film. I just need to round up the fuel to go get them and take them back.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Casting Call still going on

Hey everyone. I'm still doing the casting call for The Indian Warrior Ghost. We have had a great turn out of young actors wanting to be in the film. So rather than spend a huge amount of money renting an audition space in Toronto or driving around to meet everyone we are doing self-taping audition for the first round.

So casting call for boys 10 to 14 years old. We do make exception and take younger or older if they really want to act in a film. Just sent us a photo and some background info. name, age, interests, skills and if you can swim.

A good example of an actor picture is on the left of Sam Kilpatrick.

Self-tape addition is very simply.

Part 1:  just ask your child to stand in front of a camera ( home video, web cam or cell phone) and state their name, age and why they would like to be an actor. 

Part 2: I have attached a page from a film script. Please memorize it and say the lines. The actor can try doing both parts as two different people or someone off camera can read the other lines to them.

The director is looking for level of imagination and how true the lines sound. Do I believe this person?

We can also do in-person auditions if you like. You just have to set up a time with me. I will be in Torornto area March 10 and March 30. 

I will be posting more actors names and pictures on my website as soon. 

Sterling Johnston