Thursday, February 23, 2012

Plywood Canoe Construction for my feature film

So I found that a thin piece of MDF board worked well for drawing the curved lines. I just weighted the end down with a sand bag and bent the wood to line up with my measured lines.

I then cut the pieces out with my jig saw. Easy as pie. Nothing to it. I just had to make sure I didn't try cutting threw the table below. It has metal edges and it doesn't cut so well.

Next I set all the pieces of the Canoe on the table ready to get the banding added. I had to cut a few small pieces of plywood for that.

I then fiber glassed the pieces together. The wood banding will help hold the two ends together when it comes time to bend the sides into the canoe shape.

When the fiber glass dried I flipped the pieces over and fiber glassed the other side with a small 4" strip of Fiber glass mat. Once everything dries over night I will start to assemble the canoe.

I will post more of the Canoes progress tomorrow.

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