Monday, February 27, 2012

And So the Work Continues

So now I was working on the fiberglass seams on the inside of the Canoe. I cut the fiberglass matt into 4 inch strips and sat them inside.

I then titled the canoe up to one side and coated it with fiberglass reason.

My friend Dale says to remind you to always wear a mask when working with Fiberglass because it's not so good for your health.

When it dried I did the other side.
I also fiber-glassed the both ends on the inside.

Then after it dries I flipped it over and cut the zip ties off with a wood chisel. Then sanded the outside edges round to get it ready for the next step.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Work continues on the Plywood Canoe for my feature film

So once the fiber glass dried I could then start to set up the sides. i lined ten up and placed s 1 x 3 in the middle to hold up the sides and make the right width for the center.

I then bent the ends in and placed two more smaller pieces of wood in to help keep the shape.

I tied the ends together with three zip ties. It worked really well. I just had to drill three holes in the ends to put the ties threw.

I then flipped the Canoe over and lined up the bottom of the Canoe. I used a air powered finishing nail gun to nail the bottom down.

My next blog posting will cover how I fiber glassed  the seams inside the Canoe.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Plywood Canoe Construction for my feature film

So I found that a thin piece of MDF board worked well for drawing the curved lines. I just weighted the end down with a sand bag and bent the wood to line up with my measured lines.

I then cut the pieces out with my jig saw. Easy as pie. Nothing to it. I just had to make sure I didn't try cutting threw the table below. It has metal edges and it doesn't cut so well.

Next I set all the pieces of the Canoe on the table ready to get the banding added. I had to cut a few small pieces of plywood for that.

I then fiber glassed the pieces together. The wood banding will help hold the two ends together when it comes time to bend the sides into the canoe shape.

When the fiber glass dried I flipped the pieces over and fiber glassed the other side with a small 4" strip of Fiber glass mat. Once everything dries over night I will start to assemble the canoe.

I will post more of the Canoes progress tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Production Update

So I will be cutting out the first plywood Canoe tomorrow. I will post some pics. We got an other offer to barrow some canoes. One from Owen Sound and 6 from the Owttawa area. The Owen sound one is a go for sure and the Ottawa ones I'm still thinking about. Its a long drive over there and back and at todays gas prices that may be too much money.

Also a quick update on GJE We only have 13 DVD copies to go and it will be the very first Sterling Productions project to ever make its money back. Buy it here on DVD

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My workshop

Well I got my old workshop organized so now I can start thinking about building that Canoe. Sam Kilpatrick is hopefully coming over on Friday to help with the first Canoe and make a behind the scenes video about it. I should be uploading that video on Saturday afternoon. Also please like and comment on Sam's Facebook page and also our Indian Warrior Ghost facebook page.

Troy from USA donated $100 to the production fund and Harlod donated an additional $75 to our YCDTOYT production. That production starts the first weekend in April. Mike Scheffer is going to help set up the sets.

Well that's all for now. please come back soon for more behind the scene's info.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Early next week

So early next week I will start building on plywood canoe and see how hard it is to do. I will make a video and post it on my youtube channel and so with any luck it will look like a Canoe made by some Scouts in the late 70's early 80's.