Friday, December 23, 2011

My Main Computer is Down

So just a quick update. My main computer is down. It could be a hardware problem but it could also be a hacker problem. It is the Holiday season and with so many people shopping online it's a bad guy dream come true for finding banking info. Well says the news cast any way.

So if it's the hard drive that went down that's a huge problem because everything is on that drive. I have a few back up files but not all. backup drives cost money and that is in real short supply. so I stand to lose 25 years of scripts programs and productions files. All my email contacts, some of which are very important in the industry.

So if it comes down to a data recovery there are many company s that can help me out but at a large cost. I'm looking at $500 to $1,500. I won't know the real cost until I hirer someone to to retrieve it.

I have to figure out how to round the money up. Oh well.  Merry Christmas to everyone.


  1. Yep, My PC JUST started acted up on me TODAY!
    I guess I deserve it: I had a custom computer built, with FAST processors, LOTS of memory,the works! But I wanted to save money at the time and "temporarily" used my OLD (10 YEARS OLD) hard drives!
    I never got around to replacing those hard drives and TODAY my computer informs me "hard drive error"!
    And i'm right smack in the middle of a MAJOR production at the moment.
    Well, luck of the draw, after about 50 attempts, i've got it to load windows but now afraid to turn it off! haha
    It never fails that financial emergencies like these pop up just when i've got my finances planned out to the dollar for months to come! :D

  2. The good news is hard drives are much cheaper now than the were 10 years ago.