Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Funding for Sam's First Movie

So on the left is Actor Sam Kilpatrick age 11. I really hope to start filming with Sam in late Jan 2012. Its a a costly undertaking and it's going to require some capital funds. So I hoping for donations and in return you get perks. If yo donate $25 you will get a Autographed DVD copy of the completed film when it's finished in late March early April. It will be a feature film running about 85 mins.

If you donate $50 you get a Autographed DVD and a special thanks credit in the ending credits which also qualify's you for a credit a page on (it's up  to to post or not post your name but we will submit it) Donations larger are very welcome and we can work out some additional perks for you if you do.

So please help me help Sam get his acting career kicked into high gear. I will post the donations PayPal button on my website

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