Friday, December 2, 2011

Filming Echo Beach in 2007

So we look like we know what we are doing. I think it was about 70 F when we shot this scene with a slight breeze off the lake and some where around 9:30 pm.

Have you ever noticed that Directors have crazy hair? I'm no different I guess. The stress level was outrageous on this shoot with so many actors not showing up to film there scenes. But any ways the actors that did show were very dedicated to getting the project finished.

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  1. Aww... ever since I shaved my FULL HEAD of MAGNIFICENTLY LONG HAIR (in which I was CONSTANTLY being threatened to be written up or fired from my jobs b/c my hair was too long & gorgeous for them to handle),... it NEVER GREW BACK!
    I miss my hair.
    If that's the secret to great directors, I guess i'll need 2 work twice as hard.

    And, yes, this video makes me anticipate making my own movies, especially next year when I get to make some GOOD stuff now that I FINALLY "know what i'm doing"!