Thursday, September 8, 2011

Next Star music videos.

So I watched Parker's video and I'm wondering what you think of it? I feel that the director made a huge mistake in only recording his lip sink in high speed and didn't do any takes in real time. Also I feel the director fell short of shots of great skateboarding action. He really failed Parker.

Please watch the video and comment on how it could have been made better. Personally I think the Next Star producers should re-shoot the video with a new director.

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  1. Not that I can be much of a critic, but hopefully i'll become a quick study soon b/c i'll be making music videos 4 some1 in the coming year!

    With all the artists and number of songs out there, I personally think the art of music videos has become deluded. Maybe a MV director should think of their next project as his 1st, back when trying to impress someone, make that 1 video THE most important project of his life (until the next 1); or make it as good as he/she can as if this were/is the last video they will ever make & will be remembered only by it.
    Nothing stands out anymore. And I don't mean it needs state of the art special fx.

    As for THIS video, I thought it was kind of all over the place and needed to be streamlined a bit more; Concentrate on 2 or at most 3 aspects - 1) the budding romance, 2) the main lip-syncing, 3) the skateboarding (a missed opportunity to make it stand out)

    P.S. I recently saw an interview where the band members were mercilessly teasing the drummer b/c he couldn't keep up with the recorded track they play FASTER when filming.
    Apparently, this has become "THE" way to make music videos now.
    I don't know y this is. For the slo-mo effects? Oh well. I'm still a bit old fashioned and a rogue experimentalist in a digital age I guess.