Friday, July 29, 2011

Once agian we try for a new production.

So here I am again thinking about a new project Starring Kyle and Sam. both actors have not confirmed that they will star in the film and rightly so I have written the script yet. I idea is to make a feature film 47 mins or longer with a budget of $2,000. I will have to do some fund raising ASAP if we wish to make something before the snow flies. Each donation of $25 will get a free dvd copy of the completed film with free shipping. Or if the film doesn't get made a 99% refund because paypal takes $1.20 per transaction. I would make it 100% but I'm bankrupt at the moment and have only $23.13 to my name.

The film is a really cool idea and once I have the script finished and copyrighted I will let everyone know the story line. It's a good youth action adventure comedy. It's a bit of a throw back to the Little Rascals bit based in summer 2012 when the internet crashes. Oh no I gave too much away already. Oh well the only people that read my blog are trusted friends so i don't mind.

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  1. Parker Kary seems a natural as well. He was pretty cool.
    Good luck!