Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What to do ?

I feel uninspired to write any film scripts lately. There is not much chance of being able to make any new productions in the near future so I'm a little down. I only write films I know I can make so I'm kind of stuck.


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  2. I know how ya feel. I have almost 20 rough treatments sitting on my hard drive, but I REFUSE to do anything more to them b/c I KNOW it's near impossible to secure any actors for the duration at this time.
    HOWEVER, I have THREE really good stories 99% done. I AM GOING to find SOME WAY to make them - or at LEAST the time travel one - someway, somehow!!, before the end of Summer 2012.
    THEN I can recharge my batteries by going on some road trips.
    Frustrating and antsy to be creative! Awwwwww!!!

  3. ahh Sterling i know you will find something. I try my best to help. And btw you could need a lit break at start fresh next year. You know why.