Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I miss the good old days.

I miss the good old days. I really do. All the hard work with impossible deadlines. The photo on th eleft here is a 13 year old actor Cameron Menzies. He is much older now and going to Univirecity. He's standing in my old studio behind the set. I believe the set was the Kitchen of Gone Tubing. Yep his house in the film was all fake.


  1. Ah, Cameron! Part of what I consider the first golden era of online Sterling Productions, with Echo Beach (& Death By Design) officially closing out the 1st golden age )the 2nd Golden Age being the Henry/Quinn era).
    There's just something magical about that 1st era. The movies, the actors, and even the boys helping to build Sketchy Studios and stuff. What a time.
    Cameron was/is awesome. Here's to hoping everything works out for him in his life!

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