Friday, March 11, 2011

So Where Did I get to?

Well long story short I have been very very ill and I am just starting to recover. There has been a lot off bad news floating out of Sterling Productions so I decided not to say anything until now. What ever. I'm still alive so all is good.

So onto productions stuff. Some how, in some way I am going to make a film in July this year Starring Parker Kary and Kyle Claeys. I'm now thinking that I will try for another Scout troop film with a possible 30 actors. I have a few ideas for a story line but I'm not sure which I like yet. I guess it really depends on how hard it is to write the story. It will be action adventure film. May be a canoe trip gone wrong. For that I would have to make sure that all the actors are strong swimmers. Another idea would be they save a plain crash victim or it could be just a straight up story of friendship building.

So I will narrow it down and write some kind of outline then post a casting call to see if I can find the 30 plus actors for the film.