Monday, February 14, 2011

Echo Beach The Movie Soundtrack Music Video ; )

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  1. This movie opened my world to a whole new genre (reggae) I never gave a 2nd thought to. I love it! I am so lad I bought the CD! Mandala & Mod wolves are hella-AWESOME!!!!!
    And of course, the movie itself is still in my top 5 favorite movies of all time (that's included in the big Hollywood flicks!) Sure there's a a few minutes where it goes from night-day-night but supposed to take place in one evening and a few other minor tidbits due to the extended schedule & casting situations, but 95% of the film - especially the actors' charisma, story, and overall vibe - makes this a wonderful experience in which you feel like you're just hanging out with old friends at the beach that you don't mind going back to visit every year! (Something I only do regularly for Lord/Rings) A testament to the director & actors!
    An inspiration to me, my life is richer for having seen this movie!