Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Think this is Do-able : )

Here is what I'm thinking. MadeByJef replied to my email and it sounds like he is interested in working on a film. I haven't heard anything from Tyson Thibodeau. I wish he would get back to me he has a fast growing fan base and I think I could easily sell 1,000 copies to them.

Anyway they way its looking a film to be shot in Niagara Falls Canada in July 2011 Starring

kyle Cleays (I have a tentative yes from his parents)

Parker Kary I haven't asked him yet but I will on Tuesday) and .

MadeByJef pending airline tickets and parents approval.

Budget is going to come in around $8,000 to $10,000 for flights for Jef and a parent, hotel or campground fees, gas for production vehicles, DVCAM Tape and food. There will most likely be some props but I'm not sure what yet because I haven't written the script yet.

Now the pole I have going seems to be leaning in the same direction so that could be a good thing. Hopefully we can have pre-orders, I mean have donations from 500 to 1,000 people that would really like to help Kyle, Parker and Jef get their film acting careers going. Again the pole looks like we may have 74 interested people.

I will post a Donation button for the project and each 25 dollar donation will get an autographed DVD copy of the film when its finish in early October. The DVD will have Dutch and German subtitles.

Now you know how I roll. Any thoughts, anyone? Comment below or feel free to email me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What New Film Production to do?

So I have placed a poll on the side bar asking people what film would they buy on DVD based on who is staring in the film. I'm planing what to do next. If we fly MadeByJef over it will add about $5,000 to the cost of a film so I need to know if there is enough interest to go forward. If I film with Tyson Thibodeau its going to add $5,000 to the cost and if they both are in the film we are already at $10,000 and we haven't even bought tape yet. So please fill out the pol and we will see what happens.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It good to know people that know stuff :)

Well it good to know people that know stuff and it’s really good to know people who care about what you do. I got the new part from my Mac repair guy. It was just plug and play. So quick, so easy and it was very nice to see two orders for DVDs that came in on Friday so I could pay for the part although my Mac repair guy donated the part.  But don’t despair I still required gas money to get there to pick up the part. Also 100% of the money goes right back into the production costs. I thank you for your support.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Production?

I'm going to try and make a film over the March Break. I'm not sure what actors I have or even a storyline but I'm still going to try.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My last post, a 4 am Rant. Sorry : )

Yes sorry for all the negative stuff. I just needed to vent about the whole situation. it's just one of the many problems I face on a daily bases. I am trying to find good stuff to write about and so today I shall. I have a big productions in the works for this summer. I'm not sure how it's going to work out but hopefully everyone I have invites to work on the production says yes and we may have the very first Sterling productions Block Buster. I will be announcing the idea as soon as I get confirmation that the actors are in. : )

How I Get Repaid for all my hard work ! : (

In late October I told the parents of  a film production of mine that I could not afford a big screening of "the film" so that parents decided that they would hold a screening of their own. They asked my permission to screen "the film" offering to give the money raised (after expenses for the screening of coarse ) to me to help pay the bank back for the money borrowed to make "the Film. I agreed because I have to the bank back. So the extra money was promised to me.

On the week of the screening, around Dec 2010, I was raced to the hospital in extreme pain and had emergency surgery to remove an internal infection. There was a puss pocket 6" in diameter and 1/2 thick were my leg, meets my torso. I was told they would put me under for the surgery, which the surgeon decide that local freezing and some kind of pain killer in a drip iv "3 to 5 mins drip" was the only thing needed.

Well the very second the iv drip was hooked and to the protest of the nurse who was working the painkiller drip, the surgeon cut into me. What an unbelievable amount of pain! I'll spare you all the details but basically he cut into the area, removed what ever caused the infection, push all the puss out, packed a cotton string of some kind inside to act like a wick so the wound would weep out any and all remaining infection.

So after the surgery was done and the pain relievers just kicked in, I was given a prescription for an inflammatory, pain relief and anty biotic, then pushed out the door in a wheel chair and sent home.

So I was to come back in two or three days and he would remove the wick. So on the day of the screening I was back in the hospital, the surgeon removed the bandage, tool a look and said it looks good. He then took a pair of surgical pliers and in one swift motion he pulled all 48" of wick out. I had no idea that the wick that was packed in there was about 48" long.

Anyways, I was lying in bed, still in pain, upset that there was no way for me to help the parents with the screening of my film, while the parents of the actors I spent so much time and money helping, were giving the extra money raised from the screening to the local food bank.

So the next day I find out that they gave to money to the food bank and not me to repay the bank. I mean what the F***!. You got to be kidding me! This is so unreal! What gives them the right to give the banks money to the frig in food bank! What evil! What a breach of trust! What ever processed them?

So I sent an email stating my disbelief, I got a reply of, well it wasn't much money, it's not like it was thousands of dollars, it was only $289.  Not replying because I had a few choice words for that.

Later on I sent a second email to another parent and got, well some of the parents decided that the money should go to the food bank and I didn't want to start an argument, well it wasn't much money, it's not like it was thousands of dollars, it was only $289. I didn't think it was that much money so I pitched in a few to make it an even $300.

So right now I'm paying 300% interest ( min credit card payment $300 of a $400 payment is interest) on the money that was borrowed for the film. So that $300 could have saved me $900 in interest.

So what do I do? Do I try and have them charged with theft? Do I sue them for breach of trust? What?

One thing I can do is terminating all contact and future work with the parties involved. So those actors are no longer welcome at Sterling Productions because their parents screwed them.

One parent did make a $210. Donation because she felt it was the right thing to do so I'm still working with them. But the others, no way! I mean common man! What a stab in the back.

I could realy use some help form out there. Sales, subscribers, veiws, comments here and on YouTube. I don't under stand why I can't not be sucessful at anything. With all the work I have put in over 25 years, How is that possible?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New blog for Parker Kary

Yep that's right. We strated a new blog for Parker Kary so everyone can keep uptoday with what's going on in his acting world. Got check it out at