Monday, January 17, 2011

Updates & Things to do?

So I have a new actor Parker Kary age 12. I will be making a video with him on Tuesday Jan 18th and hopefully posting it Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. It will be his introduction video so look for that video. I will post it on here as well.

Kyle Claey's is winning our actor pole on the left there. That's good because we are making a film with him this summer. We have a few story ideas so once I get the script finished and his parents approval we will start work on it. We maybe announcing a fund raiser for that project soon. We have to pre-sell the DVDs to make the money to make the film this time around. I have no credit anymore so I can't barrow the money like I use to do.

Also I'm still hoping to talk a popular YouTuber into working with us this summer.

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  1. I finally got around to watching The greatest Joke Ever DVD that I bought last year. It was brilliant and I thought Henry was by far the best actor in that movie.

    Is he going to be in your new movie?