Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dreaming of Next Summer's Production!

Yep I sure did have fun last summer filming with Quinn, Payton, Tristen, Kyle and Henry last summer. It would have been nice to have the full ten days of filming as it was set up but we got cut short by some parents talking vacations and such so we were down to 7 8 hour days. Not much time but we managed.

So I'm looking forward to making something this summer. I'm going to start asking people to buy the new film even before it's made. For every donation of $25 there get a free DVD, with Free shipping anywhere in the world and it will be autographed by the cast. Now that's a cool deal if I have ever heard one. My PayPal is if anyone is intrested in such a deal. Cast to be announced. Film will be 47 mins or longer.

Oh and if anyone knows where I can get a job in the KW area, please let me know. I need to make some cash.


  1. Why oh why must Harry Potter 2-disc special edition blurays be $45 EACH!?!?!?
    As SOON AS I GET A ROOM MATE to get an income, i'm going to save every month to buy a Harry Potter movie (love that series!!) Hopefully have em all by the time the final one is in theatres this year!
    No, i'm not rambling incoherently; my point: as soon as I get all 7 Potter movies, then I will have the extra money for the next Sterling Production!
    (A guy has to have priorities, y'know?)

  2. I will take that offer up on you. Give me a few days or so.

  3. It will be a week or two before I make the official announcement about the new film. I'm hoping to know who is going to be in the film by then.