Sunday, December 5, 2010

Working with Dylan Eshbuagh on Echo Beach

Dylan Eshbuagh of YouTube’s Dylan Couch on his first day of filming on Echo Beach the Movie. Dylan and his mother drove up from New York New York to work on the film. I had two other YouTubers at the time wanting to do some work with at the time as well but I turned them down because I was working on Echo Beach. Justin and Locus didn’t have any trouble moving forward with their careers. May be if Dylan didn’t work with me his career may have taken off like the others.  I can’t help but feel that I ginst his career.
Dyaln was supper easy to work with, a real pro. I really want to work with him again in the future and I have the feeling he feels the same way. I wish he would make a new YouTube video even if it’s only a vlog update on what he is doing now.

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  1. From what i've seen he is active in his school plays (very, VERY good I might add), and doing regular teenager stuff during the school year; during summer he goes to an acting camp.
    I wrote 2 scripts imagining Dylan, Ryan Berkun, & Anthony "AJs Act" Rothwell + one other dude, Willie Erickson, in the lead roles. Those are the best, most original stories i've ever written and 90% fleshed out. If I had teh money to make those 2 films & pay all the actors, screw my state's acting pool, I couldn't imagine a better short list of actors than the ones I mentioned!
    Yeah, Dylan has this natural charisma and makes it look so easy to get "into the moment" of his characters. And he has such a wide range of talents and voices.
    I 1st saw Dylan via Nalts waaay back in the day. Dylan is still more talented than the majority of the over-rated "stars" of youtube. (And he didn't have to jump cut after EVERY WORD or SENTENCE!)
    Whatever agent nabs him is going to be lucky one day.