Monday, December 20, 2010

A quick Note:

I did a quick online study and found that Swim Zack Swim is being pirated at an alarming rate. There has to be over 1,000,000 copies floating around out there now and I lost a huge amount of money on this production. It cots just under $15,000 to make and I only made $1,000 back. I only sold 106 copies so you can see what the problem is.


  1. It's pretty sad that even "nice thieves" like ME are in the minority, like only 5% of the people who watch pirated movies, and that may even be 5% pushing it. Of those 5%, there were a FEW like me who simply didn't have the money to rent or buy a movie and in desperation, frustration, & anger we thought, "Why should we be denied that entertainment just b/c we don't have money. It's not like the studios are losing money that we don't have to give anyway." Then the rest of that 5% is a "watch before you buy it" type. The other 95% is just greedily out right stealing with no need nor intention of reimbursing the studio for their entertainment.
    I no longer have to download illegal movies or get form pirated sources. Yes I am on a LIMITED income, but it IS an income now! So I choose how to distribute my income - and if it is to rent or buy a bluray then that's the sacrifice I make - if I chose not to spend my income on it, then I simply go without seeing the movie until I can. But the difference now is, I HAVE the money to spend if I chose.
    Irregardless of my previous excuses & logic, for the small record labels and small, independent production houses, piracy is a problem that affects them exponentially more than big studios. Paramount, WB, Universal,ect: "Oh no! They only made $500 million this year instead of $700 million!" But the "BIG BOYS" MADE a profit, period. So yes, it IS a problem for them, but not as close to the pocket and personal as indie film makers. Indie film makers are not making enough of if any profit at ALL to survive when piracy cuts into their profits.
    It's ironic that now that I DO have a limited income, I feel so horrible about all the times I did feel justified in watching pirated movie. But at least now, i DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE.
    I know what a financial crunch ye are under with the banks, interest rates, and sorts; so I really feel for your plight Sterling.

  2. Most people think I'm a big studio so I must be to good to be a one man band indy film maker hehehehehe lot they know. :)