Friday, December 3, 2010

Echo Beach Stage Set

Here we have the stage I built in my back yard for all the concert scenes in the film. 2x4 frame about 24” off the ground and it’s 16’ x 12’ . The floor joist was 2x6 16' long @ 16" on center. I built the backdrop wall behind the stage 12’ high and 16’ wide the same as the stage. Then there were 3 sections of scaffolding on each side for the lights to hang on. A two week rental item.

I built a lighting system with ten light switches and dimmers and I had my friend Dale flip them on and off. It was the best we could at the time. We had a big barbecue to try and get some people to be extras. It didn’t work.  Dylan was suppose to be at the concert but he wasn’t available at the time we filmed it so I did his part 2 years later just of the road in the bushes at Sauble Beach. The beach is a two-hour drive from my back yard.

Cameron’s band played well into the night, 4 am I think we rapped. I believe we got lucky and most of my neighbors had gone away for the weekend.

Take a guess at what it cost to make the stage set? Post your guess in the comments box below.

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