Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wow time is Flying!

Adam and Sam from RR1 Alma film that was never finished.
Wow it's almost the end of November already. Time is really flying by. So I had a few new ideas for films today. I have one good idea for next summer. It should be rather cheep to film but it's going to need really good cinematography to keep the audience watching. It would be 12 weeks of filming and star only one 12 year old boy. Well the opening and ending scenes would have 40 actors plus or minus but the main story only fallows one kid. The actor needs to be a really good swimmer and no it's not Swim Zack 2. I can't make that film yet, but I can make this one. I should put out a casting call for a new male actor age 10 to 12 that has the summer free to work on a film. But were to get the money to make the film? That's always the problem with making plans. The money gets in the way every time. Don't you agree?
Speaking of Money the RR1 Alma film is a true story and it's a huge film project that would take over a year to film. I tried making this one a few year ago but sadly it was way to big of a project. It's hundreds of extras and lots of props and locations. To houses that need to be recreated in a studio and a 70's shool with farm feilds beside it. 70's cars and school busses. I really want to get it made before I land in a pinewood box. Oh what to do?


  1. I've got a couple "dream projects" as well.
    While I have close to 50 story ideas, 20 of which are pretty much ready to go to a final draft and film - but, most of which are impossible for me to make, either due to finances or cast availability. But, those 2 "dream projects" would be a fantasy come true to make!! There's not a week that has gone by during the last 4 years I haven't thought aboot those 2 projects.
    Sometimes I consider restructuring it for the available cast I DO have, but, these 2 stories are so near & dear to my heart I always end up refusing to compromise it and wait for that magical day when I can do them justice. (Which COULD possibly be within the next 2 years IF all goes well!)

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  3. I posted the wrong reply so I have the right one now. The film I was talking about in this posting I have been wanting to make the film for a about 35 years. I haven't written the script for it yet. I may make 3 or 4 films all different concepts around the same idea. One of the things I like to do is write the script once I know I can make it. It must be the Television Producer in me.