Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wish List

I wish I could find more good local actors and I wish I could make 12 films a year for them to star in. I wishI had a crew to work with and everything ran like clock work. I wish I had ideas for 12 films a year and I could write them as fast as I can think. I wish I wish I wish. All the wishes in the world wont get anyone anywhere. Thats just the way its. But surely there is 2,000 people out there that would buy each DVD as they were made. It doesn't takes millions of dollar to make kids dream come true just a few.

Anyways I'm looking for ideas? Maybe some kind of a film fan cub where people could sign up and pledge to buy in support of the young talent. Kids today have far less opportunities today to get professional acting experience in front of the camera and that's where I came in. It's sad to see it sink below the waves. I'm tired, beaten down by stress and frustration. I really should have taken a year off liked I had planed but I had so many actors wanting to do something that I couldn't say no.
Please feel free to post comments or ideas.


  1. 12 films a year!? WOW! I'd have gray & silver hair within months!
    ____It takes me anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to finalize the shooting script and get through pre-production. (I've also learned to have plan B, Plan C, ect. in case of a casting crisis at the last moment!)
    ____For a SHORT film, (around 10 minutes) it takes about 5 days for me to film. For a feature-length (80 to 120 minutes), assuming 4 hours of actual filming a day, I can finish it in about 36 shooting days.
    ____Post-production takes me anywhere from 2 to 4 days, assuming I filmed any effects shots correctly and don't have many effects to do.
    ____But my point is: I would have to have from 8 to 14 weeks PER PROJECT. (That would be one every other month at MOST!?)
    Sterling, you are officially my role model!

  2. Hi Shaggy72, Thanks for finding my blog. As one person I can handle 3 47 min to 80 min productions a year if everything runs smooth. Ideally I would like to do 12 a year to keep up with the youth that need help getting their careers going. I would require some editors and production assistance to make everything run smooth at that level of production.