Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's New Today?

Well today I updated my old website a bit. I'm not sure why because on January 5th 2011 it will be closed because I don't have the cash to renew the hosting. Good thing Google is a giver and I can have a blog for free. That is one day things will turn around and they will want money and become a taker. On the left is a pic of my Emmett DVD. I really liked making that film. It took four a temps and 10 years to get it made. The hard part was the car crash footage. You just can't go out and roll a car with out the police and everyone showing up so we did it on a private drive.

We shot the crash scenes first because if we couldn't get them then there was no use filming the rest of the film. The fallowing Wednesday Matthew Rappolt's dad phoned and said Mathew broke his leg playing soccer for the local rep-team. He was so upset about not being able to finish the film that he had his dad phone me before phoning his grandparents. I said not to worry, he still has the lead part and we would put the film on hold until his leg healed in 12 weeks.

Twelve weeks rolled by and Matt was back on his feet. He has a limp but that's okay he is walking. The day before filming Evan Green showed up at the studio asking about a part as an extra for the base ball scene. I thought to myself too bad I don't have a lead part for this kid because he has that potential lead look. The phone rang and it was David ( the part of Mike) and he said he could no longer be in the film his parents are getting a divorce. I hung up the phone, turned to Evan and said " How would you like a lead part in the film?" He took to steps back with a huge smile on his face "Sure, what's the part?"

Sterling, "Well you're playing that kid that hates the artsy, farty kid and you get to make fun of him, but then there is a car crash, he saves the guys life and then you guys are friends at the end."

Evan, "Okay I can do that!"

"Okay take this script home, ask your mom if you can do it and you start first thing tomorrow at ten am." Sterling

Evan" Okay thanks!" and he ran out the door. The next day he was on set and he had all his lines memorized. I have no idea how he did that but he did.

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