Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Making the films is way easier than trying to sell them. It costs just as much if not more to market the film once it's completed. To the left  is a booth that I had at a local market. It was $1,500 plus all the extras like gas to drive there and back. I may have sold 10 DVDs in 4 months that I had the booth for.

I tried YouTube as well. I think I did better there but you always need to be making new films and videos to keep peoples interest. If you stop all sales stop. I may have sold 50 that way. Ebay worked for a while. 12 copies a week for a few weeks then it just stopped. I looked around the web and found free copies all over the place. Video pirates had put me out of business. I was kind of mad about that for while but what are you going to do. Just keep trying to sell them. My website works best I think if I can get people there to buy stuff but that's not easy. A director flogging his stuff can flog all day and get nothing. It's not until some one else say hey do you see the cool film from Sterling Productions do you get a sale.

Oops I gave away a big marketing secret there. Please tell me if it works for you and maybe do me a small favor and tell people about my great films so I get some sales.


  1. Yep, in this day and age of $300 digital camcorders (where any witty 13 year old can be a "film maker")and the monstrous INTERNET (so huge it's almost impossible to find what you're really looking for, even though odds are it is there.. somewhere), WORD OF MOUTH is THE best marketing for indie film makers.
    The dozens of film festivals - expensive and extremely difficult to get into - are about the only other way to get a film noticed outside of a major studio.
    So, yeah, WORD OF MOUTH "viral video"

  2. I wish there was a way to reply to comments posted like in YouTube on videos. I guess a blog is not a form.