Monday, November 22, 2010


We have thunder and lighting outside tonight. The house rumbles and everything shakes in the house. When I was working on Gone Tubing, in the final stages of editing I was struck by the thought that we hadn't scared the audience at any point. Humm what I need is a thunderstorm and I know just the place to put it. I phoned Cameron up and his dad drove him right over. I set up the tent in the studio and we used a flash from a still camera for our lighting. It was a rather quick to shoot and with an outdoor shot of the tent in Daylight I had everything I needed to make the sequence. I took three frames of video, gave them a blue tint, cranked the brightness, synced in some thunder and we had a scene that made everyone jump right out of their seats. Adam said after the show that the storm was his favorit part of the film. Sometimes the simplest set ups work so well.

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