Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Christmas Holiday is coming up in about 28 days. May I suggest Swim Zack Swim or Clear Cut starring Evan Phillips as a gift for your child under the age of 10. Over the years kids that watch the film watch it over and over and over again. It has that Barney or Disney effect on them. The love to sing along to the songs in the film and they memorize ever word of the film. I believe it would make the perfect Gift for them.

My cousin lent her copy to her neighbour’s child. The child loved the film so much she wouldn’t give it back. My cousin ended up buying a new copy.

My brother showed the film to his kids and his daughter age 5 wanted to swim just like Zack. She was walking around the house singing the songs from the films and she too watched the film over and over again.
Two of my old actors have copies of the films and the films had the same effect on their kids.  Not bad for the little films I have made.
If your child has seen the films and have fallen in love with them, Please leave your story in the comment box. You can also purchase them on my website

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