Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Casey's Cabin Set

Casey Cabin may be a set I may use next summer. I have plans for Quinn and I to make another Echo Beach film, that’s if I can make the money to make it. Shagy72 is always asking about the behind the scenes stuff so the pic on the left is the set for Casey’s Cabin.

It does cost a few dollars to put something like this together. One screen door $200.  One widow $350. some 8 - 2x4s $24 dry wall $18. white latex cocking $5 and white paint $36. and $633 later the garage door is now a cabin wall.  The other walls are set panels at $81. each, x 23 so $1863 oh and then there is the 10 foot panel on the ceiling that was used to help with the acoustics.

Then we need furniture, curtains, bathtub practical sink, toilet, bunk beds and other stuff to make it look like some one lives there.   It just adds up so fast and then you need to take care of the actors. Pick them up and drive them home and it’s a 2hour round trip each time. Food yad yad yad.

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  1. That is coool.
    Talk aboot a controlled environment - other than the actors :p - I knew a bedrm win previous films was a set,. but I actually thought the cabin was real. Nice job!
    I'd pay my friends to let me use their house as a set (which requires a lot of planning to use as few dayz as possible), or a small business after hours. But the good thing aboot a set is it's re-usable at very little redressing costs.
    Creating & using a set IS awesome though!