Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Casey's Cabin Set

Casey Cabin may be a set I may use next summer. I have plans for Quinn and I to make another Echo Beach film, that’s if I can make the money to make it. Shagy72 is always asking about the behind the scenes stuff so the pic on the left is the set for Casey’s Cabin.

It does cost a few dollars to put something like this together. One screen door $200.  One widow $350. some 8 - 2x4s $24 dry wall $18. white latex cocking $5 and white paint $36. and $633 later the garage door is now a cabin wall.  The other walls are set panels at $81. each, x 23 so $1863 oh and then there is the 10 foot panel on the ceiling that was used to help with the acoustics.

Then we need furniture, curtains, bathtub practical sink, toilet, bunk beds and other stuff to make it look like some one lives there.   It just adds up so fast and then you need to take care of the actors. Pick them up and drive them home and it’s a 2hour round trip each time. Food yad yad yad.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Henry Daemen's RBC Avion Commercial on CTV

Henry Daemen’s  RBC Avion commercial is on CTV now. I just spent the whole evening, last 5 hours taping all the commercials that came on. Just my luck they didn’t show it again. I’m hoping they put it on tomorrow at 5:35 like they did today so I can finally tape it and post it on online for people to see.

The picture on the left is Henry standing at the ticket booth on the set of the commercial when they filmed it about 8 weeks ago.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Christmas Holiday is coming up in about 28 days. May I suggest Swim Zack Swim or Clear Cut starring Evan Phillips as a gift for your child under the age of 10. Over the years kids that watch the film watch it over and over and over again. It has that Barney or Disney effect on them. The love to sing along to the songs in the film and they memorize ever word of the film. I believe it would make the perfect Gift for them.

My cousin lent her copy to her neighbour’s child. The child loved the film so much she wouldn’t give it back. My cousin ended up buying a new copy.

My brother showed the film to his kids and his daughter age 5 wanted to swim just like Zack. She was walking around the house singing the songs from the films and she too watched the film over and over again.
Two of my old actors have copies of the films and the films had the same effect on their kids.  Not bad for the little films I have made.
If your child has seen the films and have fallen in love with them, Please leave your story in the comment box. You can also purchase them on my website www.sterlingcanada.ca/spstore.html

Thursday, November 25, 2010

You May Ask

You may ask yourself, how did he do those car-driving shots. Why are they so steady and professional looking or maybe not? Well I made a door mount for my camera. It was really built for a much bigger camera than this but I only have a PD170 at this point that works. The Batecam SP croaked on the first day of filming Emmett way back when.

It looks a little beat up there but you need to remember it has a lot of miles on it and has been used in many low budget film productions.

This photo is when we were filming Echo Beach is September 2007. That’s Edwin Mason in the driver’s seat there and Caitlin Alexander in the passenger seat. We were shooting the remaining scenes after we had wrap most of the filming.
The car is a 1974 Dodge Dart that took me 15 years to restore in my spear time. Spear Time? Well I know I was building the car to use in Echo Beach so I guess I was really just building a film prop.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yep I was turned down for  YouTube Partner Deal. I need a huge amount of sunscribers and video views to get one. So I'm way down this evening. If it wasn't for helping Quinn work on his film earlyer today I would give up film making all to gether. You know life would be so much easyer if I did nothing.
I need to keep going. Quinn is counting on me to help him make his film.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Making the films is way easier than trying to sell them. It costs just as much if not more to market the film once it's completed. To the left  is a booth that I had at a local market. It was $1,500 plus all the extras like gas to drive there and back. I may have sold 10 DVDs in 4 months that I had the booth for.

I tried YouTube as well. I think I did better there but you always need to be making new films and videos to keep peoples interest. If you stop all sales stop. I may have sold 50 that way. Ebay worked for a while. 12 copies a week for a few weeks then it just stopped. I looked around the web and found free copies all over the place. Video pirates had put me out of business. I was kind of mad about that for while but what are you going to do. Just keep trying to sell them. My website works best I think if I can get people there to buy stuff but that's not easy. A director flogging his stuff can flog all day and get nothing. It's not until some one else say hey do you see the cool film from Sterling Productions do you get a sale.

Oops I gave away a big marketing secret there. Please tell me if it works for you and maybe do me a small favor and tell people about my great films so I get some sales.

Monday, November 22, 2010


We have thunder and lighting outside tonight. The house rumbles and everything shakes in the house. When I was working on Gone Tubing, in the final stages of editing I was struck by the thought that we hadn't scared the audience at any point. Humm what I need is a thunderstorm and I know just the place to put it. I phoned Cameron up and his dad drove him right over. I set up the tent in the studio and we used a flash from a still camera for our lighting. It was a rather quick to shoot and with an outdoor shot of the tent in Daylight I had everything I needed to make the sequence. I took three frames of video, gave them a blue tint, cranked the brightness, synced in some thunder and we had a scene that made everyone jump right out of their seats. Adam said after the show that the storm was his favorit part of the film. Sometimes the simplest set ups work so well.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wow time is Flying!

Adam and Sam from RR1 Alma film that was never finished.
Wow it's almost the end of November already. Time is really flying by. So I had a few new ideas for films today. I have one good idea for next summer. It should be rather cheep to film but it's going to need really good cinematography to keep the audience watching. It would be 12 weeks of filming and star only one 12 year old boy. Well the opening and ending scenes would have 40 actors plus or minus but the main story only fallows one kid. The actor needs to be a really good swimmer and no it's not Swim Zack 2. I can't make that film yet, but I can make this one. I should put out a casting call for a new male actor age 10 to 12 that has the summer free to work on a film. But were to get the money to make the film? That's always the problem with making plans. The money gets in the way every time. Don't you agree?
Speaking of Money the RR1 Alma film is a true story and it's a huge film project that would take over a year to film. I tried making this one a few year ago but sadly it was way to big of a project. It's hundreds of extras and lots of props and locations. To houses that need to be recreated in a studio and a 70's shool with farm feilds beside it. 70's cars and school busses. I really want to get it made before I land in a pinewood box. Oh what to do?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wish List

I wish I could find more good local actors and I wish I could make 12 films a year for them to star in. I wishI had a crew to work with and everything ran like clock work. I wish I had ideas for 12 films a year and I could write them as fast as I can think. I wish I wish I wish. All the wishes in the world wont get anyone anywhere. Thats just the way its. But surely there is 2,000 people out there that would buy each DVD as they were made. It doesn't takes millions of dollar to make kids dream come true just a few.

Anyways I'm looking for ideas? Maybe some kind of a film fan cub where people could sign up and pledge to buy in support of the young talent. Kids today have far less opportunities today to get professional acting experience in front of the camera and that's where I came in. It's sad to see it sink below the waves. I'm tired, beaten down by stress and frustration. I really should have taken a year off liked I had planed but I had so many actors wanting to do something that I couldn't say no.
Please feel free to post comments or ideas.

What's New Today?

Well today I updated my old website a bit. I'm not sure why because on January 5th 2011 it will be closed because I don't have the cash to renew the hosting. Good thing Google is a giver and I can have a blog for free. That is one day things will turn around and they will want money and become a taker. On the left is a pic of my Emmett DVD. I really liked making that film. It took four a temps and 10 years to get it made. The hard part was the car crash footage. You just can't go out and roll a car with out the police and everyone showing up so we did it on a private drive.

We shot the crash scenes first because if we couldn't get them then there was no use filming the rest of the film. The fallowing Wednesday Matthew Rappolt's dad phoned and said Mathew broke his leg playing soccer for the local rep-team. He was so upset about not being able to finish the film that he had his dad phone me before phoning his grandparents. I said not to worry, he still has the lead part and we would put the film on hold until his leg healed in 12 weeks.

Twelve weeks rolled by and Matt was back on his feet. He has a limp but that's okay he is walking. The day before filming Evan Green showed up at the studio asking about a part as an extra for the base ball scene. I thought to myself too bad I don't have a lead part for this kid because he has that potential lead look. The phone rang and it was David ( the part of Mike) and he said he could no longer be in the film his parents are getting a divorce. I hung up the phone, turned to Evan and said " How would you like a lead part in the film?" He took to steps back with a huge smile on his face "Sure, what's the part?"

Sterling, "Well you're playing that kid that hates the artsy, farty kid and you get to make fun of him, but then there is a car crash, he saves the guys life and then you guys are friends at the end."

Evan, "Okay I can do that!"

"Okay take this script home, ask your mom if you can do it and you start first thing tomorrow at ten am." Sterling

Evan" Okay thanks!" and he ran out the door. The next day he was on set and he had all his lines memorized. I have no idea how he did that but he did.

Friday, November 19, 2010

All New Start

So I am an independent filmmaker that helps local youth build their professional acting careers. As you may or may not know I live 100 miles form Toronto and it's really hard for kids here to drive in to the city for auditions on a daily bases so I started working with them to build their resumes and accumulate the very important task of on the job training by producing film productions locally. I donate about 4,000 of my time a year and over the past 25 years about $450,000 of my income. Wow I must be crazy when I look at all that cash I have lost.